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In every corner of Hvidovre you will find a green area: In the north we have Rebæk Søpark, which is a protected marsh area with an island for breeding birds and an area featuring rare trees. In the south you find Mågeparken - a man-made natural resort, and Strandengen - a meadow by the sea with sheep and calves. In the west we have Vestvolden, a preserved fortification from 1892. In the east Kystagerparken features wild plants and a diverse wildlife.

Hvidovre has three marked exercise routes at Rebæk Søpark, Kystagerparken and Vestvolden. Route distances vary from 750 metre to 7 kilometres. The trails are marked with yellow pictograms and shown on a side map at the entrances.

You are also welcome to use the outdoor exercise park between The Health Care Centre (Sundhedscentret) and City Hall (Rådhuset).

If you enjoy herb gardens, flower beds and garden tools, you can rent a kitchen garden for just a few hundred kroner per year. The gardens are chiefly for residents of multi-storey buildings in Hvidovre. Please contact Hvidovre Citizen Service to find out about available gardens.

Hvidovre Citizen Service is situated directly at the main entrance at Hvidovre City Hall.

Hvidovre Citizen Service (Borgerservice)
Hvidovrevej 278
2650 Hvidovre
Telephone: (+45) 36 39 30 40