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Coming to Hvidovre

When you move to Denmark you will need a Personal Registration Number and a Personal Digital Signature.

Self Service solutions

Personal Registration Number (CPR number)

In Denmark each person has a personal registration number, which is called a CPR number. CPR stands for Central Person Register.

The CPR number is essential in relation to any contact with the Danish authorities and especially in connection to tax and social security issues. You will also need a CPR number in order to work in Denmark and use the health care system.

In order to obtain a CPR number, you have to contact Hvidovre Citizen Service. You need to bring your residence permit and personal ID, such as passport.

For more information about registration in Denmark visit (new window)

Personal Digital Signature (NemID)

For contact with most of the public authorities, banks, insurance companies etc. you will need a personal digital signature (NemID). NemID gives you access to self-service solutions such as changing your address or putting your child’s name down for daycare. It is also necessary for online banking and for making changes in your tax folder.

Your personal digital signature can be issued at Hvidovre Citizen Service. In order to obtain a digital signature you need to have a Social Security Number (CPR-number) and you must bring your personal ID, such as passport.

You can also apply for your signature at most public websites. Please note that most self-service solutions are only available in Danish. You can get help using the self service solutions and your NemID at Hvidovre Citizen Service

For more information about NemID visit (new window) 

Change of Address

When you move to Hvidovre you must register your new address within the first fourteen days. However, it is possible to report your change of address up to one month before the actual move.

You report your move online by using the self service solution at Please note that you need a personal digital signature (NemID) in order to use the self service solution. The solution is also available in English.

Change your address online at (new window) 

If you experience difficulties you can get help using the self service solution at Hvidovre Citizen Service

When you move you also need to inform the Post Office. This can be done either at your local Post Office or online. Please note that the online solution is only available in Danish and requires a personal digital signature (NemID).

Change your address online at (new window)