Business growth strategy

Short summary of the business and growth strategy:

  • Hvidovre is a strong business municipality with many opportunities for development and growth, supported by its unique location close to Copenhagen, various infrastructure possibilities with connections to the rest of Europe, and several different industries providing great opportunities for cross-over collaboration.

  • With the building of the new innovative business district of “Holmene” (“The Islets”), new business opportunities will be presented, adding to the existing business environment. Holmene will further advance Hvidovre’s work with sustainability, innovation, circular economy and industrial symbiosis. Keeping a strong relation and contact with local companies is one of Hvidovre Municipality’s top priorities, and it is our ambition to offer the best service to the local business community, both supporting the operation of daily business and assisting in companies’ ambitions of growth and development.

  • The cooperation between companies and municipality is also key in addressing a national challenge also influencing Hvidovre’s companies: Lack of workforce. Different collaborations are in place to meet this challenge, among other getting a higher number of young people to choose a vocational education.

  • We continuously work to remain a strong business municipality, and with the business and growth strategy from 2020-2023 we focus on three areas, we find important to the development and thriving of the local business environment: Maintaining and creating attractive industrial areas, ensuring a qualified workforce of adequate size and offering a professional service.

You can read the entire business and growth strategy here (in Danish)(pdf)