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Avedøre Holme is a dynamic business area with an infrastructure that works. From here you have fast and easy access to the entire Capital Region and the rest of the world. Due to its unique location - close to Copenhagen city center yet free from living quarters, Avedøre Holme appeals to many different types of businesses. At the same time one of Denmark's largest vocational schools, TEC is situated at Avedøre Holme.

Avedøre Holme measures 450 hectares in total and has a business area of 275 hectares. The business plots have different sizes - from 3000 m2 to 157.000 m2. All of them are privately owned, and about half the owners run their businesses from there. The other half consist of leases from 100 m2 and up. There is still unbuilt plots available.

There are mange advantages of running your business at Avedøre Holme. Here is a quick summary:

  • Easy access by car, bus and train
  • Free parking
  • Access to qualified labour from the entire Capital Region
  • Secure security of supplies
  • Good expansion opportunities, free from living quarters and low rent
  • The Municipality has great experience with businesses with special environmental requirements
  • The Municipality has expertise within complex business establishments
  • The local police and the private security company Crimson patrol on Avedøre Holme between 10pm and 5am.

From Avedøre Holme you have fast and easy access to the entire Capital Region and the rest of the world. There is direct access to the E20 motorway and the regional motorway network. The center of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport are only 15 minutes away, and the Oresund bridge, which links Sweden with Copenhagen, is right around the corner.

In car to and from Avedøre Holme: There are two access routes to Avedøre Holme. The first one is from exit 21 or Avedøre Havnevej. The other one is from exit 22 or Gammel Køge Landevej.

By bus or train: Due to the fact that Avedøre Holme is free of living quarters the public transportation is scheduled after the passengers travelling to and from work. That means there is a lot of busses during rush hours and fewer in the evenings and weekends.