The Government and Hvidovre Municipality unveil plans for one of Northern Europe’s largest, greenest and most innovative business districts

The Danish Government and Hvidovre Municipality have agreed to commence efforts to establish a state-of-the-art business district in extension of the current Avedøre Holme. The new business district – to be known as “Holmene” – combines great business potential with high environmental standards.
8. januar 2019
Until the 1960s, the area now known as Avedøre Holme was dotted with small islands, ponds and lush nature that was allowed to grow wild. In the 1960s, the area was drained, filled and transformed into one of the Nordic region’s largest and best-functioning business districts. Given the continued high demand for an address at Avedøre Holme, the area is now ripe for expansion.
In collaboration with the Danish Government and with the support of the City of Copenhagen, Hvidovre Municipality today unveiled plans to establish one of Northern Europe’s largest, greenest and most innovative business districts in extension of Avedøre Holme. The new district will be called “Holmene” – which in Danish means “The Islets”. By restoring the original landscape and connecting the new district’s nine islands with a “green belt” of natural surroundings, Holmene will provide 700,000 square metres of new, natural scenery in an urban location, along with 17 kilometres of new coastline.

“In Hvidovre Municipality we are both visionary and innovative. We are also aware of our proud history and the green past of Avedøre Holme. Therefore, our visions of business potential at Holmene are just as grand as our environmental demands for the district are green,” says Hvidovre Municipality Mayor, Helle Adelborg, who continues:
“With Holmene, we are creating a lively new environment for the businesses community, for animals and plants, and for outdoor experiences. Holmene will be a true gem where citizens can enjoy and explore nature, and it will become Greater Copenhagen’s green growth engine and an international landmark.”

Holmene will provide new commercial space, freeing up areas for residential use in other parts of Greater Copenhagen, thus making an important contribution to the Danish Government’s comprehensive plan for the Copenhagen of the future. Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Rasmus Jarlov is encouraged by analyses showing that Holmene holds the potential for up to DKK 54 billion in positive GDP impact:
“It is absolutely vital that we work to strengthen the framework for growth and development in Greater Copenhagen, which is not only a growth engine for the rest of Zealand, but for the country as a whole. Therefore, it is encouraging that Hvidovre Municipality is working to expand and develop attractive business districts in the capital, in a location close the airport and motorways. And it’s an added benefit that the project includes a focus on creating new green and recreational areas for the residents of Vestegnen [the western suburbs of Copenhagen],” says Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Rasmus Jarlov.

According to Deloitte, Holmene will create up to 12,000 new jobs and up to 30,000 new jobs through secondary effects. Holmene will be a growth engine that will make Greater Copenhagen a growth centre for all of Denmark.

Minister for Employment Troels Lund Poulsen says:
“Holmene in Hvidovre is a visionary project that the Danish Government wholeheartedly supports. It will help to tie Copenhagen even closer to Vestegnen and the rest of Zealand. Copenhagen and the surrounding municipalities are an important growth engine for all of Denmark. With Holmene, the Government and the municipalities are creating a breeding ground for new businesses, who in turn demand skilled workers. We – businesses and the government – share a joint responsibility for educating and training these workers. The Government is already focused on qualified labour. In cooperation with a broad political majority, we recently allocated 100 million kroner to preventing bottlenecks in the labour market. Efforts to this effect include continuing training for unemployed persons, giving them the skills in demand by businesses. But continuing training is not sufficient on its own. More growth on a scale like that of Holmene will also make it necessary for businesses to have easier access to qualified foreign labour.”

Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior Simon Emil Ammitzbøll-Bille adds:
“I’m pleased that we now have a common vision of establishing a large and attractive new business district in Greater Copenhagen. Holmene strengthens our position in the international competition to attract businesses, investment and highly qualified labour. It can contribute to growth and development, not just in Greater Copenhagen, but throughout Denmark.”
Holmene will be a growth engine for all of Denmark
Holmene is a “nature plus” project, creating significantly more nature areas when it is completed than at present. The area will offer a wealth of recreational nature experiences for children, young people, families and seniors, including jogging routes and cycling paths, as well as water sports such as kayaking, swimming and underwater hunting. The project also includes the construction of a lookout tower for observing bird and animal life, marine spots with educational content for school classes and others, sea gardens, and a beach that is ideal for picnics and swimming.
Holmene will also complete the long process of establishing a continuous green link from Kalvebod Common and Kalveboderne in the north to Køge Bay Beach Park in the south. At the same time, Holmene will provide lush flood protection, protecting Hvidovre and Copenhagen against incoming storms from the south.

Upon completion in 2040, Holmene will consist of nine islands. These islands will be constructed in stages, with filling work set to begin as soon as the project breaks ground in 2022. The first island will be completed six years after the work commences.

Holmene will give Greater Copenhagen and Denmark a new, ultramodern business district measuring 3.1 million square metres, featuring new and innovative traffic solutions and providing room for around 380 new businesses. The islands will offer businesses the opportunity to gather in clear geographical clusters, unleashing circular synergies and enabling knowledge sharing and joint branding activities.

With its proximity to public transport, an international airport and large educational institutions, Holmene will strengthen the position of Greater Copenhagen in the battle to attract businesses, international investment and highly qualified labour, while also future-proofing continued business growth in the capital region.

According to analyses conducted by Deloitte and jointly by COWI, Urban Power and DHI, Holmene will contribute:
• A 3.1 million square metre green business district
• New growth – up to DKK 54 billion
• Space for up to 380 new businesses
• 700,000 square metres of new nature areas in an urban location
• 17 km new coastline
• Up to 12,000 new jobs