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Information about the corona virus

(This page is updated June 15th 14:05 PM) Here you can find information about the situation in Hvidovre and links to information from the health authorities. Get "smitte|stop" – the official Danish COVID-19 contact tracing app on your mobile phone and contribute to prevent the spread of COVID-19

restrictions, test, vaccination etc.

Information from the national Danish authorities - in English and other languages

Denmark has started a gradual reopening from 1st March. In Hvidovre large parts of the municipality will still be closed for physical attendance.

Read about the current restrictions here:

You can find questions and answers on coronavirus (COVID-19), information about how to prevent infection etc. on these web-sites: - here you can also find the telephone number to a hotline in 12 languages

Listen to information in Turkish, Farsi, Somali, Tamil, Russian and Serbo-Kroatian:

If you have symptoms

English (link)

Arabic (link)

Urdu (link)

Turkish (link)

Other languages (link) 

If the corona test shows that you have corona virus

English (link)

Arabic (link)

Urdu (link) 

Turkish (link)

Other languages (link) 

If a rapid test shows that you have corona virus (positive test result)

English (link)

Arabic (link)

Urdu (link)

Turkish (link)

If you are close contact to a person infected with corona virus

English (link)

Arabic (link)

Urdu (link)

Turkish (link)

Other languages:



Videos and audio files about corona virus (COVID-19)

Videos about the virus




Audio files about the virus




Video about Ramadan




Corona (Covid-19) test

Testing and detecting infected and close contacts is an important part of limiting the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

If you suspect that you are infected with the corona virus, have symptoms, or are in close contact with an infected person, you must book an appointment for a test via

It is also important to keep in mind that the best way to prevent the spread of infection is to comply with the recommendations of the health authorities and the applicable restrictions. Stay home if you are sick, feeling lethargic or coughing. Keep distance, wash / spray hands often, wear bandage, air out and clean thoroughly.

PCR test or quick test?

Get a PCR test (in the throat) if:
• you have symptoms of COVID-19
• you are "close contact" to a person infected with new coronavirus

Get a quick test (in the nose) if:
• you physically show up at your workplace or place of education
• you have been close to a person who is infected - e.g. at your work, but you are not a "close contact"
• you must be with someone who is at increased risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19
• you can not avoid being with more people

Remember to have a follow-up PCR test taken if your quick test is positive. You can book an appointment for a PCR test at
If you do not have a NemID, you can book an appointment for a corona test by calling this telephone number: 38 66 00 00

PCR test at Friheden Station

You can have a PCR test (inoculation in the throat) taken at Hvidovrevej 434, right by Friheden Station. You must book an appointment for the test at
Anyone from 2 years and up can have a PCR test (inoculation in the throat) done. You will receive an answer within two days on or in the MinSundhed app. If you cannot access or the app, you can call your own doctor.
Remember to wear a face mask when you arrive and bring your health card.
Foreign nationals or people without a Danish CPR number can also be tested.

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8.00-13.45
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 15.15-21.00

If you do not have a NemID, you can book an appointment for a corona test by calling this number: 38 66 00 00.

Quick test without appointment in Avedøre Library and Culture House

Get a quick test without an appointment in the aula of Avedøre Library and Culter House at Hovedstien 10 in Avedøre Stationsby.
The opening hours are  8-20 all days - also during Easter.
Persons aged 6 and over can be tested.

Other test sites in the Capital Region

The overview of test sites with and without an appointment in the Capital Region of Denmark can be found here:

You can find an overview of all test sites in the country here: 


Information about corona vaccination

The health authorities are urging us all to be vaccinated against corona virus. It is free and voluntary to be vaccinated.
You can read more about vaccination here:

Information from The National Board of Health about vaccination against COVID-19:





Video about vaccination





Other languages

About Islam and vaccination

When you have been vaccinated

English (link)

Arabic (link)

Urdu (link)

Turkish (link)

Other languages (link)


Isolation facilities

Hvidovre Municipality has isolation facilities for corona-infected citizens who need to be isolated, ex if their home is so small that it is impossible to self-isolate from the rest of the household/family. 
If your corona-test is positive or if you are close contact to an infected person, you will get a call from the Danish Agency for Patient Safety (Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed), and they can offer you to stay at the isolation facilities, if you have difficulty isolating yourself in your own home.

Help from voluntary organisations

Red Cross
In Red Cross volunteer helpers are ready to accompany you to the doctor, arrange shopping, walk the dog, pick up medicine or help with other practical chores.
You can get help if you, for example:
Have come home from the hospital
Are in quarantine or in self-isolation in connection with corona
Need someone to accompany you to Covid19 vaccination
Are going through a period of rehabilitation

Call tel. 3529 9660. The phones are open on weekdays at 10-14.
Note the help does NOT include childcare. 

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization

If you are in quarantine volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization can help you with ex. shopping and a talk on the phone. 
Send an email to: or call +45 36 75 78 69 (10 am-4pm) 

Free face masks

Citizens who recieve unemployment benefit (kontanthjælp) or integration benefits can get free face masks at the Jobcenter and the Citizen Service Center at the town hall. Students can also get free face masks. Students must be able to present a valid student card. Be aware that you can only pick up bandages for yourself - not for friends or relatives.
Other citizens must buy face masks themselves.
You can call 3639 3639 if you need free face masks from the Citizen Service or the Jobcenter.

The official Danish COVID-19 contact tracing app

Read more:


Hvidovre Municipality right now

Schools and youth clubs

Schools and youth clubs are open. The parents will be informed via Aula.

See information about children and covid-19 here:


If you urgently need to contact the Center for School and Education, you can call this number: 6197 1672.


The daycares in Hvidovre are open. Parents can orient themselves with the manager in the individual daycare or the daycare provider.

We have created a FAQ for parents with answers to the questions we most often get about coronavirus in relation to children and families:



The elderly, the sick and the physically and mentally disabled

Home care continues.
The activities in day care centers are open.

The care centers have now reopened for visitors. 

The Health Care Center is open to citizens who have an appointment. If you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, headache or muscle soreness, please cancel your appointment. If you have any questions, please contact Hvidovre Health Center on 36 39 37 37.


Culture, sports and associations

Cultural, leisure and association life will gradually reopen over the coming months.

The libraries are open.

Applicable guidelines and restrictions must be observed.

The assembly ban for associations will in future follow the general assembly ban in relation to indoor and outdoor activities.

General rules and guidelines:

In general, it is recommended to have extra focus on hygiene, reduce contact with others and be aware of symptoms.

Elite sports are exempt from restrictions.


The town hall and the Citizens Service Centre

Hvidovre Town Hall is still partly closed. You may only visit the Town Hall if you have made an appointment in advance or have booked a time on the website, eg for a new passport or driver's license. This restriction does not apply for unemployed persons who can not use from home.

Read this, if you have an appointment at the town hall or the Job Center:

Stay home if you have symptoms of coronavirus (dry cough, sore throat, fever, difficulty breathing, headache, muscle soreness).
Come only if you have arranged a meeting or booked a time in advance (unless you are unemployed and cannot go to from home).
Do not show more than 5 minutes before the agreed time.
Disenfect your hands when go in.
Have good hand hygiene and cough / sneeze in the elbow.
Keep distance to others.
Follow any directions on info screens and posters at City Hall and at the Job Center.
If you are at increased risk of serious illness with COVID-19, you must limit situations where you may be exposed to infection. Therefore, you should consider whether you need to visit City Hall.

If you have questions, you are welcome to send a mail to one of the 11 main mail-addresses or send a mail via Digital Post/E-boks, if your inquiry contains sensitive information.

Jobcentre and welfare benefits department (Ydelsesservice)

Ungeindsatsen is open. If you have to apply economic support, it is important that you call 7244 1180 and are registered as unemployed. Your benefit can only start on the day you have spoken to an employee of Ungeindsatsen.
If you need other help or have other questions, call your supervisor. Use our main number 7244 1180 or write an email to our mailbox

The job center's employees work partly from home. Therefore, contact with the job center must in principle take place via email or telephone.
If you visit Borgerservice or the job center, you must wear a face mask / visor. This also applies to Poppelgården.

If you have recently lost your job and you need to contact the job centre, you have several possibilities:

• Persons who have recently lost their jobs and who are covered by an unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse) must provide information that they are unemployed via The job centre will automatically receive notice that you have registered as being unemployed.

If you need help to register on please send a mail to with your name, address and telephone number.

• Persons who have recently lost their jobs and who are not covered by an unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse) must seek the alternative unemployment benefit available (kontanthjælp) or an educational grant (uddannelseshjælp) via Then you must register as unemployed by showing up at the job center.

If you need help to fill in the application form, you may send an e-mail to with your name, address and telephone number. The welfare benefit department (Ydelsesservice) will then contact you - remember that you may receive a call from a concealed number.

• Where you have recently started in an alternative work training scheme (fleksjobber). You must write a mail to stating your name, address and telephone number. We will then contact you - remember that you may receive a call from a concealed number.

• If you have recently moved to Hvidovre and are in a resource project (ressourceforløb), please write an e-mail to 

If you are exempted from digital mail and must apply for Senior Pension, please call 5158 7857.

If you have recently moved to Hvidovre and are in a job clarification project (jobafklaringsforløb), please write an e-mail to stating your name, address and telephone number. We will then contact you - remember that you may receive a call from a concealed number.

If you would like to speak to your caseworker in the job centre, please write an e-mail to the information in the e-mail will be passed on. Alternatively, you may call our emergency telephone number 4185 0130.
The welfare benefits department (Ydelsesservice) has the following emergency telephone number 3639 3639.
Applications for welfare benefits must be sent via the Municipality of Hvidovre's web page - please follow the link: /Borger/Arbejde-og-ledighed/Ledig/

At the Copenhagen Business House (Københavns Erhvervshus) self-employed persons can seek advice. Please call 3366 3366 between 8 am - 5 pm.

People who are self-employed and those who have businesses can seek help via the website or use the hotline at the Business Agency (Erhvervsstyrelsen) 7220 0034 and on the website You can read more about schemes for compensation and so on.
Those businesses who need to get in contact with the job centre as regards other concerns than compensation for expenses for rent and so on, must contact the Business Service Unit (Virksomhedsservice) on the following telephone number 4185 0447 og by e-mail via

Garbage collection and the control of rat infestation

We collect garbage as usual. 

Please go to for further information.

We control rat infestation as ususal.  

Hvidovre Recycling Station (Genbrugspladsen) is open for private citizens.