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The Business Team

We want companies to thrive and make an effort to secure a good and efficient service in order to attract and maintain businesses in Hvidovre.

The Business Team

About The Business Team

We encourage you to contact The Business Team, in case you have questions regarding public authorizations or are in need of concrete entrepreneurship advisement. Put simply, The Business Team provides business service on all levels.

The Business Team offers you:

  • One entrance to the Municipality
  • One contact person, who follows your inquiry throughout the process
  • Dialogue concerning recruitment, business and locations
  • Guidance on relevant permits
  • Efficient and flexible processing  

Contact The Business Team

You can call The Business Team on (+45) 36 39 30 17 or send an e-mail on 

  • Karen Brehm Sørensen
    Business Consultant
    Areas of expertise: Business contact and entrepreneurship
  • Hanne Mørup
    Head of Business Service at Jobcentre Hvidovre
    Areas of expertise: Recruitment, employees and internships
  • Steffen Kuld Hansen
    Team Leader of the Area of Building Projects
    Areas of expertise: Building activities, environment and local planning