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The City of Hvidovre

Hvidovre is a suburb of Copenhagen that offers most of what you could wish for.

In Hvidovre you get the better of two worlds. The center of Copenhagen is only fifteen minutes away, and at the same time Hvidovre is surrounded by green areas and located directly at the seaside. We have a range of municipal cultural and leisure activities that complement the vast range of options available in our vibrant capital city.

Hvidovre is the city for children and families and offers challenging learning and leisure opportunities. We are proud of our childcare nurseries, the ambitious development of schools, care for those who need a helping hand, the excellent housing and activity facilities for the elderly and our investment in climate and the environment.

Alongside creative businesses and the University Hospital, Hvidovre also has one of the largest industrial areas in Northern Europe. We offer an efficient and flexible business service and invite businesses to take part in our growth and welfare.

These are some of the things we will tell you about in this website. Enjoy!